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Chiropractic is the science of locating subluxations, primarily vertebral subluxations …the art of reducing or eliminating subluxations, allowing for natural function and better health …the philosophy of health and a way of living… naturally.

Chiropractors are “NERVE SPECIALISTS”

The doctor of chiropractic works with the nerves – both directly and indirectly – because every function of your entire body is controlled or affected by the nervous system. Every organ, tissue and cell is affected by nerve impulses traveling from your brain to every part of your body.


  • Make possible all physical movement, transmitting nerve
  • Stimulation to muscles, bones and joints.
  • Transmit all sensations to the brain.
  • ┬áMake possible all sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.
  • Maintain your balance and keep your body at a normal 98.6 degrees.
  • Make it possible to swallow.
  • Make your bowels move.
  • Control your liver, lungs, heart, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys.
  • Control the circulation of blood.

In fact, as you can see, your nervous system is the master control of all other body systems:

  • Glandular
  • Reproductive
  • Digestive
  • Eliminative
  • Respiratory
  • Circulatory

Complete, perfect, natural health comes only when you have a complete, perfect, natural, normally functioning nervous system.