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We have a completely proactive chiropractic care system in place to help you get well and stay well. We have integrated services available with procedures, physical therapy and wellness, as well as the convenience of two locations. We are dedicated to quality, value and excellence, with both offices providing advanced chiropractic care in a full service capacity. Our offices have doctors and staff specializing in the best Chiropractic, Pain Management and Physical Therapy to treat you right and right now. We can also coordinate your care with other healthcare providers in the area.

Insurance covers your treatment in most cases, and Citadel Chiropractic is pleased to accept major credit cards, checks and cash. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you determine your exact policy benefits and prepare all the necessary paperwork.

Schedule your Initial consultations free of any charge, allowing you to talk to the Dr. Alexandre about your problem at no charge. Together we can discuss and determine your needs and work as a team to solve your problem.